7 High calorie food to be avoided before going to bed


None of us would like to have a Feeling of fullness and bloated stomach just before going to bed . It not only makes one uncomfortable, but also leads to have difficulty in sleeping and gives rise to many other serious health hazards as well. In order to prevent uneasiness, weight gain and other diseases, it is a must to choose the right food to eat before going to bed. So, here we will look into a few foods that one should avoid before going to bed.

Consuming high calories food should be a strict NO before going to bed, especially for those who are on weight loss regime. Apart from the calorie, it also enhances the accumulation of fat in the body resulting in health issues like – high blood pressure and heart problem.

Here is a list of foods that should be avoided before going to bed. Let’s have a look at these:

1. Pizza & Burger:

Pizza toppings are loaded with cheese and a lot of other fat-rich ingredients. This gives a feeling of fullness and adds calories to the body, which can affect one’s heart. These are one of the worst foods before sleep and hence should be completely avoided.

2. Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol not only adds on calories, but it also leads to a disturbed sleep.

3. Red Meat:

The calorie content in red meat is very high. This causes bloated stomach and also prevents one from losing weight too.

4. Chocolates & Pastries:

The calorie content is very high in chocolates and pastries . This not only gives you a feeling of fullness, but also leads one to add on their weight as well. So they should be strictly avoided before going to bed.

5. Chips:

Most of us have the habit of snacking on chips while watching television in the late night. Very high in calories, chips is one of the bad food items to be avoided before going to bed.

6. Ice Creams:

Ice cream is yet another food item that is loaded with fat and also high in calories. It also adds to weight gain.

7. Processed Foods:

Processed foods are heavily loaded with calories, fat and salt. The nutrient content is almost nil. This not only causes stomach bloating, but also leads to a host of other health problems like high blood pressure.

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