“8” Shaped Walking to Maintain Good Health

Walking is one of the best exercise and will maintain good health. We should walk with  free mind without any distraction. If it is done properly excellent health will be maintained. In this modern world Morning walk is becoming a fashion and many people walk chatting with friends or through mobile .

Figure of 8 Walking Exercise is an ancient SIDDHA health maintenance practice which helps us to manage chronic diseases such as Obesity, Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Kidney problems.

The Figure-of-8 Walk (F8W) involves straight and curved paths and was designed to represent walking skill in everyday life. If walking is one of the best exercises then circle walking is a good exercise for the average to poor health person, it has all the benefits of ordinary walking plus the turning of the body, massages the muscles and organs inside the body. The figure of 8 walking exercises can be done as part of the daily exercise/fitness routine and does not need any special preparations or other exercise equipment.

A simple example would be to walk around a circle about 6 foot in diameter, it can get bigger or smaller and you can also walk in a figure 8. You can do it without leaving where you live, the only rule is to look to the center of the circle in its most simplified version.  We can walk around a tree or plant in their back yard or around a round rug indoors. It can be done along with specific Pranayama and breathing patterns for focused and long lasting health benefits. It is most beneficial method of walking for our health. It is just walking on the figure ‘8’in the length of approximately 12-16 feet width 6-8 feet. We have to walk both clockwise and anti clockwise. The 6 foot circle works good indoors and outdoors it can be any size. Changing direction spirals the spine to and fro exercising the multifidis of the vertebrae and squeeze the body tissue increasing elimination.


F8 health Walk Program – Overview

The figure of 8 walking exercises can be done as part of the daily exercise/fitness routine and does not need any special preparations or other exercise equipment.

It is done along with specific pranayama and breathing patterns for focussed and long lasting health benefits.


The purposes of this study were to validate the measure in older adults with walking difficulties and to explore correlates of the curved-path walking measure not represented by a straight-path walking measure.

When to do Fig 8 walk ?

It is highly beneficial when done on an empty stomach before breakfast early in the morning.

Duration of practice

It is beneficial if the F8 program is done for 10 minutes daily before breakfast on an empty stomach.

Time of practice

Preferably early morning between 5.00AM and 8.00AM. But can also be done during any time of the day leaving a gap of 2 hours if done after a meal.

Where to practice ?

Preferably in open air in a play ground, open terrace, park etc.

Who can do it ?

Any normal healthy male (or) female between the ages of 18 and 75 can do it.

Are children allowed to undertake the F8 program ?

No. This program is not advised for children below the age of 18.

Precautions & Things to avoid

  • Never do the F8 program on a full stomach (or) immediately after taking food.
  • You can do the F8 Program after 2 hours of taking any solid food.
  • People who have undergone any minor and major surgeries within the past 1 year are advised not to do the F8 Program, except with the concurrence of their Family Physician/ Surgeon.
  • Pregnant ladies should not undergo the F8 Program
  • People with health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, neuro problems/stroke, kidney problems, high cholesterol and who take medications for the above diseases are advised to undergo the F8 program only under medical advice & concurrence of their family Physician.


The F8W is a valid measure of walking skill among older adults with mobility disability and may provide information complementary to gait speed.


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