What happen if you put GARLIC Under Your Pillow

What happen if you put GARLIC Under Your Pillow

As one of the healthiest food in the world is considered garlic and this is because of the plenty healthy nutrients that are beneficial for the overall health. Because of its power to prevent and treat large number of health problems including liver diseases, baldness, clogged arteries, colds, flu, respiratory problems, etc. It is recommended to be eaten every day.

Garlic – Raw Power

Garlics potency can be optimized if it is crushed, but however the effect will never be the same when you cook it and when it eat it raw. If you would prefer crushed garlic , then do that and leave it for 15 min then add some vegetable oil and parsley( to remove the bad odor ) and eat it .

Garlic under your Pillow

Have ever heard something about putting a garlic under pillow? Well there are people that do that and you may want to know the reason why. People believe that if you put a garlic under your pillow you will improve your sleep significantly. There are even people who hold garlic in their pockets for a good luck, or those who rub pants and pots to eliminate negativity to eliminate negativity that might have contaminated the food. So the next time you want to get rid of the negative energy or to improve sleep, just put a garlic under your pillow or in your pocket.

Putting a garlic clove under your pillow works magic

Garlic is a smelly thing and not everyone fancies it. However, it offers most amazing benefits for human health and life. Putting just one clove of garlic under your pillow works wonders!

Even back at the times when scientists had not enough data on garlic, people used it for food and around their houses to stay healthy. They eat it to cure various diseases – from sore gums to colds, cough and cancer.

They also resorted to it to maintain positive energy balance in their houses. Now we have scientific proof of its wonder powers. Garlic is rich in allicin. It has anti bacterial properties. Of old people used to hang garlic around their houses. It spreads its smell and its nutrients in the air and kills bad germs.

And people also crushed garlic cloves to make sauces for salads and other dishes. Scientists have discovered that when crushed allicin produces stronger health effect, but when boiled or cooked, garlic loses its healing properties.

So, having a crush on garlic is certainly good for your health. If you love eating it and crushing it before you eat, you get the most of the veggie. But why put it under your pillow at night? Well, garlic spreads around its smell and ingredients and promotes sound and healthy sleep. Of old people believed it could scare off evil spirits and protect people from them.

Some folks even carried a clove of garlic in their pockets. So, now when you know more about its properties, eat it daily and put a clove under your bed to keep you healthy and protect your sleep.

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